When Literary Fiction Meets Genre

I’ve always loved noir, and nothing appeals to me on a windy autumn evening like a Wilke Collins novel. I adore finding fine writing in a good story, or an exceptional tale with well-developed, nuanced characters. We like to make distinctions in the writing world, and the idea that a novel or story cannot fit […]

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Alice’s Eye

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.15.53 PM

If Alice Pearson had a camera during her stay at Mr. Wyck’s, what would she have photographed? I like thinking of the various cameras she might have had: a Polaroid, a Brownie, a pinhole. I can certainly imagine Alice Pearson sitting down one day to make pinhole, thinking she would photograph the sets and actors […]

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A Title Change

P.S.: And back again! When Regan Arts decided to change the title of my book from THE SINGING BONE to DARK EYES, it took me by surprise–but not completely. I was more surprised that I’d been able to hold on to my title for as long as I had. Book titles, if you didn’t know, […]

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Beach Room journals, from 1981-Feb, 2015

I’m away at Ragdale, an artists’ residency in Lake Forest, Illinois, until the end of this month. The first week I was here, I worked on revisions for my book, THE SINGING BONE, which will be published by Regan Arts next spring. My official publication is just eleven months away, and I can’t wait for […]

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Secret Glen, Forest Glen


Just outside of Washington, D.C., at the center of the National Park Seminary Historic District, a beautifully renovated, rambling set of buildings are being sold as condominiums to Washingtonians who want what the original 1800s resort hoteliers predicted: leafy surroundings, pretty views, an escape from the city. But the hotel, though lovely, did not do […]

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