Platypus Press Announce

     I tend to become absorbed in the worlds I’m creating–I linger in imagined rooms and landscapes as long as I’m writing–and sometimes well after. The novel I’m working on is a post WWII novel set in Los Angeles. It is specific in mood and setting, and in order to depart, I had to be sure I could find my way back.
     Luckily, when Platypus asked if I had a story to contribute to their first digital shorts series, I’d just finished a major draft, so I set it aside and edited “Elucidations,” a short story I began after finishing The Singing Bone.

announce2     ”Anat did not call her mother Mom—but Mimi, like another grownup, like a stranger, but also like her grandmother, Nana, who called Mimi Mims, and Anat Ana, dropping the t and somehow softening the whole name so that it sounded like a whisper.” 

     -from “Elucidations.” Coming in 2018 from Platypus Press.