“You’re Out of the Night” is on Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood

I’ve always been a fan of Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, so when I finally finished my essay, “You’re Out of the Night,” I decided to send it to them. It’s a New York story, and like a multi-burrough subway transfer, the completion of it was complex and time-consuming. I’ve had various versions of this essay stored away on my hard drive for years, trying one way to write it, then another, but when I was asked to read at Dixon Place for the Spine-Out series, I knew I wanted to finish it.


Little Bear, AKA “Gangsta.” LES 2001.

And I’m so glad I finished it. I found a way to weave together all those disparate elements that defined a particularly intense moment in my life and to celebrate the people (and cats) who made it manageable. Enjoy “You’re Out of the Night.