Fun2Know Podcast with Dan Buskirk

I spent an afternoon in Philadelphia talking to Dan Buskirk about writing The Singing Bone for his podcast, Fun2Know.

We recorded in Dan’s apartment, which turned out to be next door to a building that I once lived in. His apartment, like my old one, is filled with salvage detailing–half glass-paned doors with transoms and rooms broken-up in unpredictable ways. And Dan’s apartment, like mine once was, is filled with record albums and books. When I left Philadelphia for New York, I never had the same sort of space, and I purged books and music when I moved, a trade-off that often felt unfair.

We sat at Dan’s kitchen table and talked about all kinds of things–cults and kids; folklore and the 70s; music, movies, and art. I used to see Dan around a lot in Philadelphia. We were both into music (he’s a DJ here and here), and we knew a lot of the same people. At some point, we lost touch with each other. He moved away. I moved away. But the best thing, clearly, about losing touch is that it’s such a pleasure to catch up.

Enjoy the episode–and do add Fun2Know to your favorite podcast list.